Bower Law Firm: Certified Mediator

Bower Law Firm’s ability to negotiate between disputing partiees allows it to help both sides reeach an amicable agreememnt without incurring the added expense of a lengthy court battle. We can help you reach a favorable outcome to an inconvenient situation.

Do I Need a Mediation Attorney?

Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution and may be used to resolve a dispute without court intervention, or within a lawsuit to avoid the expense and time of going to trial. Its purpose is to arrive at a mutually agreeable decision between two parties who cannot resolve the issue independently. By acting as a neutral third party, the mediator assists the parties in dispute in finding their own solutions.  It also allows the parties to remain in control of the outcome rather than leaving resolution to a judge or jury.

Attorneys are often used in the mediation process. Our principal attorney, Brandee Bower, has been certified to handle mediations since 2006. If you need assistance with a mediation, the professionals at Bower Law Firm can help.

What Are Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods?


Alternative dispute resolution methods are a way to resolve disputes outside of the legal system. They are usually less expensive and faster than litigation, but the parties involved must agree on the method to use.

Methods for resolving disputes include:

  • Mediation

  • Arbitration

  • Negotiation

Retaining legal counsel may help if you need mediation services as an alternative to the countless hours of dispute resolution in the courts. Mediation may be an attractive option before going before the judge or jury in a trial.