Bower Law Firm Practice Areas

Bower Law Firm is experienced in providing legal assistance with property damage cases nationwide. Our attorneys also offer professional estate planning and mediation services. Contact us to obtain an assessment of your matter and options so you can make informed decisions on how to proceed. As skilled mediators, we endeavor to provide you with expeditious and cost-effective solutions.

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Our practice areas include the following:

Property Damage

Our team of experienced property damage professionals can provide you with information and advice so that you can make informed decisions and lessen the stress you feel when your insurance company fails to properly pay your claim for damage to your home or office building. If your property has been damaged due to a storm event, fire or burst pipe, we can obtain the money you need to fix your damages and force your insurance company to pay you after all of the years of you faithfully paying your insurance premiums.

Estate Planning

We offer professional assistance in all areas of estate planning, such as wills, powers of attorney, trusts and all other asset protection and legacy planning. We understand the complexities that come with blended families and know that every family has its unique challenges and we will endeavor to make sure that your choices are honored, enabling you to leave a legacy. We will ensure that the relative you avoid at family functions and your ex-spouse truly only get what, if anything, you want to leave to them.


Bower Law Firm’s ability to negotiate between disputing parties allows it to help both sides reach an amicable agreement without incurring the added expense of a lengthy court battle. We can help you reach a favorable outcome to an inconvenient situation.